Download Snapseed for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

If you are someone who constantly takes pictures of yourself or other things, you will need a good app to retouch all of it. Add good filters and color correct them. Try Sapseed.

What’s better than Snapseed, Google’s very own photo editing app? Do you have an app in mind? Well, there are probably lists of great photo editing tools. But the Snapseed app is surely on the list of the best in Play Store. So why not port it as well on Windows devices? Sadly, Google’s developers do not have plans for it yet. But we certainly have a way to get Snapseed for PC. Read the article below to download it today.

download snapseed for pc

The Snapseed app is full of features. It has one of the most intelligent user interfaces that provide serious tools to enhance and create artistic results on a simple shot. If we are to discuss all of those tools one by one, we might end up creating a very long article for that. You can crop images with the image editing tools. But one drawback is that it lacks background erase and font customization feature. But it offers an intelligent user interface. 

Well most of them would find it expensive to pay that much, the level of precision and accuracy justifies that it offers in editing photographs. But you can always try demo programs and other freeware programs. This intuitive user interface with additional features and the advance features it offers has good image management capabilities and is considered as an excellent image management app. This image editing application is among the best photo editor apps out there and choosing this is an excellent choice.

And with the final photo results, you can easily share them on your favorite social media accounts such as the Snapchat app, Instagram, or Hike messenger. But since we are here to learn how to get Snapseed for PC, then that is what we will give you.

Download Snapseed for PC

NameSnapseed v2.19.1.303051424
Size25.49 MB
RequirementWindows 7/8/10
AuthorGoogle LLC.

Important Reminder: Downloading the Snapseed app will not work on a PC. You have to read the instruction and do what is required to use Snapseed for PC with its full features.


How to Download and Install Snapseed for PC

As we have established that there is no official Snapseed for PC, we will use an Android emulator that runs all apps and games on a Windows PC. Fortunately for us, most Android emulators now are performance-driven and stable such as the BlueStacks emulator.

  1. Open an web browser

    The first thing to do is to open your web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Search for and download BlueStacks

    On the web browser’s address bar, search for the BlueStacks official website or use our server link to get a copy of the Android emulator’s installer.
    Now, the BlueStacks installer itself is around 400MB. For faster download, I suggest that you use a download booster or a download manager like Internet Download Manager (IDM v6). This software can give your download speed five times boost.

  3. Run installer

    After the download finishes, run the installer. Choose which folder you want the BlueStacks will save or use the Program Files as the default installation folder.

  4. Launch installer

    As soon as the installation finishes, find the desktop icon. Double-click on the icon to open the emulator. Expect a brief introduction and instruction for the first-time launch of the software.

  5. Download Snapseed

    Now download the Snapseed APK from the download button we provided with this article.

  6. Install in BlueStacks

    Double-click on it to install it automatically on the BlueStacks emulator.

  7. You’re all set

    There you have it. You now have Snapseed for PC in technical terms. Just use the photo editing app just as you use it on an Android device. You will have access to all its features and nothing less.

Features of Snapseed

  • Automatic and manual enhance available to edit and improve your photos.
  • 29 intelligent tools to keep your artistic side fueled including HDR, brush, healing, perspective, and more.
  • Supports JPG files, PNG, and RAW as well.
  • Tweak styles as much as you want without restrictions.
  • Save changes you used and use them again for later to the same photo or a new one.
  • Edit RAW files, save them without any damage and even export them to JPG with a high-quality equivalent.
  • Bring out details that are not visible before by using enhancement tools and color accuracy.
  • Crop using the standard sizes required for everyday use or crop manually to any size you have in mind.
  • Straighten skewed angle and rotate 90 degrees to any sides.
  • Use the white balanced tool to improve shadows and create a natural color overall.
  • Brush tool to freely and selectively retouch the photo or just a part of it. Use saturation, brightness, exposure, and warmth on specific areas of the photo.
  • Add text, clip arts, and even another photo for a more artistic approach.
  • Remove unwanted details from a picture like a stranger suddenly passed by or a garbage can that should not be there.
  • Apply lens blur or the popular Bokeh effect to enhance the subject with a better accent.
  • Glamour glow to make some highlights on the subject. This is perfect for fashion photography and selfies.
  • Add frames with sizes that you can adjust to focus on what you want.
  • Retrolux filter to give it a more authentic retro look with scratches and leaks.
  • Blend photos through different blend modes from different professional techniques used in films and digital image processing.
  • Use the face enhance mode to highlight eyes, lighting effect, and smoothen skin.


Every user has their preferred photo editing app. But for me, as I have tried and tested the Snapseed photo editing application/photo editing tool for editing features, image formats, changing image quality, other cool feature and advanced features.

I think I will stick to it for more. While there is simplicity in its overall execution, it is definitely more into a professional approach with photographic expertise. On that note, Snapseed is not for the casual user but for those who take photography seriously and make a career out of it.

There are many creative photo editors out there but this is one of my personal favorite.

So will I recommend Snapseed to you? A very definite yes my friend. You can try this editing user interface out for yourself. Test it as Snapseed for PC before installing it on your Android device. This app has a whole package of photo filters you can use and adjust brightness level, white balance, fix skewed lines, High-quality photo editing options, curve adjusting features, beautification features, layering of photos, and other exciting features. The installation process is easy. Just click on the install button above and you are ready to go for hassle-free installation. Get ready to start Editing pictures into artistic pictures. Make adjustment of pictures or enhancement of pictures on a larger resolution interface for high-quality pictures. Ready to take your loaded image further with these modern image editing tools rather than basic features that basic editors have?

In today’s question, which tool do you usually use on your photos? Leave your message in the comment section and we will talk about it more.

For questions and suggestions, you may also tell us through the comment section and we will try to be as responsive as possible. And don’t forget to share us on your social media posts so we can get more confidence boosts with making these kinds of articles!

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