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We will give you the best guide for the newest computer software and mobile applications in the market.

Website Pin is established to provide various sessions on day-to-day technology along with the different tutorials and guides which are very useful to the users. We will supply the information about how to sign up as well as login into various social networking and other far-famed websites.

We made this website to provide:

  • Tutorials on various computer software,
  • Latest software and app versions in all categories,
  • Latest news about different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Trending content on the web.

The applications and tutorials are provided by us. However, we do not claim any ownership of these software and mobile applications. So feel free to reach out to us if you found any incorrect information in this website.

The Management

Meet the awesome people behind SoftAlien

Shanti Malhorta (B.Sc & Ph.D)
CEO and Founder

Anirudh has a big respect for software and mobile app developers. While growing, he got curious of how these thing are done then decided to pursue his career in digital industry. He is now a successful web developer making his way to having a name in app development.

Ranjit Upandhye (BS.IT)
Web Developer

“The best things in life are free.” This is Ranjit’s motto since he started working as a volunteer teacher. He is teaching computer courses for free and working in a web development company at the same time. He successfully made a big impact to his students who are now working on famous companies and industries.

Pari Raj (BS.CS & Graphic Design)
Graphic Designer

Pari has a passion in art. Ever since a child, she was known to be an artistic girl. Growing up, she decided to enrich her skills in drawing. She is now working as a full-time graphic designer making the images worth the audience’ appreciation.

Shristi Munshi (B.SC)
Writer and Editor

Writing is Shristi’s way of expressing herself. With lots of learning she acquired from studying and reading, she is now a successful writer not just on the web but also outside the internet world. She also took the path of being a blogger not for money, but to share her experiences through writing.

Salani Mukhtar (B.SC & A.IT)

Salani oversees the teams who are behind this website. She is a kind, generous and appreciative person who is loved by her colleagues and subordinates. She makes sure that everything is going well, including the contents of this website to provide the readers the right information.

These are the people behind every letters of this page. They are working hard to help their readers and be an inspiration to all.

Advertising Policy

These advertising policies applied to all third-part advertisers. We do not tolerate any unlawful and untruthful act of promotions that will affect our credibility.

We will allow advertisers on our website as long as they meet are truthful and not deceptive. Advertising products must supports evidence. We also ask for a fair use of our website to attract consumer’s attention.

Furthermore, we do not sell any products and enclose personal details of our readers. Ads will be disregarded if unlawful acts have been made.

Contact Us

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If you want to process your queries faster, feel free to contact the following department:

  • Send your queries and feedback using our contact form. Feel free to fill-up all the important details and submit to us.
  • For further assistance, you may directly send a message to our management team and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible.
  • For support and assistance, contact our customer service representatives.
  • If you have questions about the contents, you can email our content writing team.
  • And for any incorrect information you have found on our website, directly send your complaints to our editorial team.

We typically reply within 24 hours upon receiving your messages. So please be patient as we are doing our best to address all the issues our readers may have.

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