Download Wii Emulator for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

download wii emulator for pc

The Wii emulator for PC is just a couple of scrolls and clicks away on this article. For those people that are looking for Wii emulator for PC, this is the right spot, and you found it. And for those that are wondering why the need for this kind of emulator, well I could list a few good reasons. Maybe you broke your Wii console and still want to play its games. Or perhaps you just want to try out some of its games before buying one.

As you can see, the Wii console has many games that are for almost every genre you can think of. The device is from Nintendo, one of the world’s pillars in the gaming console industry. They are also the ones responsible for the classic Family Computer, the Super Famicom, and the Nintendo DS consoles. The Wii home video game console launched back in the year 2006. It competed against the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Now, there are many Wii emulators for PC that you can use. Just like how many Android emulators and XBox 360 are having to date. So in order for you to find the best emulator that suits your needs and also hardware capability, we made this article. We will give you a list of the best Wii emulator for PC and hope that you find the right one for you.

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Download Wii Emulator for PC

NameDolphin 5.0-11499
Size11.91 MB
RequirementWindows 7/8/10/ (x64)
AuthorDolphin Emulator Project
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Download Wii Emulator for PC

Dolphin Emulator

  • The Dolphin emulator is the most popular and probably the best Wii emulator for PC.
  • It supports not only native resolution for Wii consoles but also a resolution of up to 1080p through upscale and resolution and enhancement.
  • The Dolphin emulator is able to run on generally all available gamepad and control available.
  • It can also run GameCube games with ease and great performance.
  • The best part is, it also supports Wii original peripherals. So that’s like just porting the whole Wii experience on your Windows PC.
  • Dolphin emulator also supports running on Android, Linux, and Mac OS. Although one must know that the Android version is still on Alpha stage. Therefore, it should not be expected to run as well as its other platform versions. And there is no emulator for iOS from Wii too. So iPhone emulator is a no-go.
  • For AMD CPU users, it is worth noting that only the Ryzen processors and later is supported. And with regards to Intel models, the i7 processor is highly recommended.
  • Also, this emulator will only run properly on Windows 7 64bit and later. Note the 64bit architecture should be followed properly.
  • Basically, the Dolphin emulator is not for all Windows devices unless yours belong to the CPU mentioned above.
  • As per Android, the Lollipop and later with 64bit architecture has support to run the Dolphin emulator.
  • For Mac OS users, the same 64bit architecture should be observed.
  • The Dolphin emulator is free to download and use.


  • When it comes to total performance, the SuperGCube can easily outperform other Wii emulator for PC that uses more advanced techniques.
  • Uses only the most efficient and highly-optimized emulation core from the discontinued GCube project. Of which was also focused on Wii emulation technology.
  • The whole project is currently inactive but you can still download its executable files if you want to emulate and run your favorite Wii game titles.
  • The SuperGCube is free to download and use.
  • This Wii emulator for PC supports 32bit architecture. So if you are unable to run your GameCube games through dolphin because of architecture incompatibility, the SuperGCube is your best bet.


  • The CubeSX/WiiSX is another Wii emulator for PC that is worth considering if the other emulator in this list does not seem to work with your machine.
  • Currently, the WiiSX emulator is still in beta so you can expect some bugs from here and there.
  • Only a few game libraries are currently available to run in this emulator so this one is a candidate but not one of the highly recommended emulators.

Editor’s Choice

While these emulators are great and promising on their own capabilities, the Dolphin emulator should be your top choice. It has the most game titles support, and almost all of them can run adequately on Windows supported versions.

Besides, the Dolphin emulator has the most constant developer support that is unrivaled by the rest of the competition. And yes, it is hard to compete with free software that has the most reliable promise of stability and performance.

If you choose the Dolphin emulator, you have nothing to lose if you end up not liking it. It is free, and you only have time to waste if you opt for it. If you want this emulator, you can visit the main website of Dolphin emulator and get the latest copy for your Windows device. Or you can just use our download button to get a copy of the version we have tested for this article.

In Conclusion

We all have our own beloved games. Whether it is from different consoles, like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii game consoles, what matters is the enjoyment that we experience with it. And this Wii emulator for PC is the one that can bring back the nostalgic fun that we gamers tend to return to.

We should all be thankful to the developers that work hard to deliver us these tools. So a short thank you for their efforts will be much appreciated. Just visit their respective websites and express your gratitude by saying “Thank You” or if you are feeling more generous, give them some token of appreciation like monetary funds for coffee or for helping their cause. They will surely love the gestures.

So what Wii and GameCube games are you planning to run on these emulators? Tell us your list of game titles, and we will tell you ours as well.

If you have other questions related to today’s topic, feel free to express your message in the comment section, and we will provide you with all the answers that we can muster for your convenience. Also, if you think someone you know is looking for an article similar to this, you may share this website so we can help them too.

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