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Are you a Fan of the RPG game? Here is a confession. It is not only fun but you will get to learn a lot about ancient times. It’s like a win-win situation, Learn history as you enjoy playing. I just had an enjoyable experience with this Western RPG developed by Spiders. You can’t resist as you will be brought back to the glory days of Bioware with this game named Greedfall. Though lacking with AAA presentation or polish of a high-profile Western RPGs, gamers who play this kind of genre will still indulge this game. This game is quite similar to the game, Halo in terms of battle

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Download and Install Details

To get the full version of Greedfall, click the download button below to start the Free Download. Do not fail to run the game as administrator!

Note: The game is already a pre-installed game. Disable the anti-virus before extracting the game to avoid deleting the crack files. If you need help, click here.
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The Gameplay

The journey will begin in a nation resembling France as you travel to the mysterious Island called Teer Fradee, where the game will start. Where your main goal is to search a cure for the cause of the destruction of the country. But upon accomplishing this goal, you will face different tasks to defeat different groups who want to take control of the Island.

The first gameplay of the game focuses on choices of dialogue, character customization, and Combat. Although any gameplay can’t the entire aspects in a perfect way, in my observation, as you play the game, you will feel the sense of improvement as the character became a master of his tasks and get statesmanship. And as you make a decision, you will able to see how it will affect the Island. As a reward, you will have the authority to change the suit of your character, depending on your style. 

In real-time within the large open areas, that’s when Combat will occur. You can attack light and hard using weapons like clubs and swords. The latter is best for destroying armor, while the former is excellent for cutting through flesh.

To queue attacks against enemies in a specific order, you can pause the action anytime. In this way, you can give the Combat a sense of forming a strategy against those who want to slash or hack the whole time. This is best for those who are strategically-minded players. You can also use magical attacks, bombs, and set up traps.

Why Play Greedfall?

Greedfall will make you feel like you are discovering the 17th-century European Age. As the surroundings may look like a Western RPG and not just like you are watching a typical anime video, the game has its unique visual style. This game does not claim the same story the way other exciting action RPG games were the plot. Instead, it goes slower than the expectation to twist the spice of the players and to be more curious, where does the starting line come from to commend by the players. Greedfall made a unique identity. However, you can try Mini Militia if you are looking for a multi-player game.

The game is now out for Xbox One, Windows, PC, and Playstation 4. The characters of the game have a heart despite some lip-syncing and wonky animations. You will understand the game as you play further and will know the allegiances and motivations it has. To learn more about different latest and exciting games together with the download details you are looking for on your device, just read more of our articles in

Did you also know?

One of the central pillar is Customization. As you build a strong character that can eradicate enemies with less effort, it became more satisfying that you create a style that thinks about secrecy and discretion. There are lots of ways to complete your missions without always being brutal. This kind of game persuades players to explore their ideal way to play and finish the game.

Your interactions with various characters will lead you to understand the world you are going through. Players can take part in different allies that have different objectives aside from main quests. The game just got the right numbers of options in content. Side quests require a mission for the members of your party. Through this, you will create a stronger connection that you can use later on. Side quests are seemed to be a mini-story inside the broad narrative. 

Three main groups are fighting for authority over the Island. Theleme, the science-focused and most powerful bridge alliance. They are against the natives of nature-worshipping Island. As you go further and win each task, you will acquire allies from different groups. As you go through, you will have an interesting dialogue with each member of the party, which will either be a hindrance or a key to your venture to diplomacy. Either you will keep them or be against them. 

Greedfall Review

Spiders did a great job as they made Teer Fradee looks like wild and savage. Teer Fradee is outgoing and huge. It has various biomes like rocky plains, lush forests, and dense swamps. It requires loading before going to another location from another. Teer Fradee has monsters to fight, inhabitants, and loot to discover to befriend or wipe out. It is a plot to explore the world utterly to know the secrets that lie in it.

The art design of Greedfall merely is captivating. It is starting from the costumes which carve the details of the work of art from belts, brimmed hats, and long capes up to the weapons, which make the design equally extravagant. Also, the architectural style you can see portrayed in the old world islands that vary similarities and differences from other Western RPGs.

Though the game also has glitches and a bit of bug, it won’t affect the enjoyment it will bring to the players. The combat system will allow players to innovate a higher degree of strategic planning. 

We did a review of what you must be aware of this famous Western RPG game to its attributes. This game is recommended in a twisted taste of playing games. Just as how we recommend simulation games like TABS and Hayday. Let’s dig in the details and learn more!

Intelligent mash-up of history and fantasy

The main point that the game will strike your interest is that the game has brilliantly combined history to fantasy. Its fantastical aspects manipulate their historical inspirations. The way the game implies history to join the illusion of the world has made the journey in the game undeniably fantastic. The game transpires Teer Fradee, people, secrets to explore, and the lush Island full of resources.

It is familiar with several fantasy monsters, archetypes, tropes, including occult and the magic of the game. The famous De sardet family’s heir of the Congregation of Merchants who has the role of peacemaker in the latest expedition of Teer Fradee.

The tasks are to look for a cure to a malignant disease called “malichor” while having the function as conciliator among different groups in the Island as well as the sailors which bring everyone to the Island, the various indigenous faction that colonizes the Island and the religious Theleme.

Most of the story theme of the game were from European colonization narratives and also the captivating backdrop for RPG though many of the aesthetic was inspired by the Baroque period of the history.

The natives of Teer Fradee broke into several settlements and clans, which made the game try the idea of subtle distinction as well. Some of the villages try to work with them. Others avoid retribution by converting openly but remain with their native beliefs. Still, this RPG is a fantasy.

Amazing characters and quest lines

The astonishing world of the game was made and built a foundation through the persuasive writing skills that made the critical character contributions and quest lines development. As I explore the world of the game in my few hours of trying the game, the moment my character diverges to Teer Freedee; the quest lines keep on introducing twists that you will lack idea or expectation where the game will go through.

Still, it made the moment a surprise in each quest. The main quest line, which is looking for the cure against malichor, there will also be twists that will be revealed over some hours. You can record the best quest line you have using screenflow so your friends will have the idea how they will play the quest line they are having a hard time to finish.

How long to beat?

You will consume about 30 hours of gameplay if your target is to do the primary mission when playing this game. Inclined with the time you drank, is the activity of searching weapons or materials and the dialogue to various characters. Of course, this estimation varies depending on the style you play the game. But before that, make sure that the Operating System of your PC is clean so you won’t take the game so slow.

How to get a Naut Uniform?

As your pilgrimage start in the game, you will be required to go to areas that will oblige you to wear a particular costume of the group. If you don’t have the costumes, you will have a problem with the factions. So to avoid that, this one is a guide where to find the Naut Costume. 

You will be in a particular area when you’re by the Harbor in Serene, and the faction will require you to have their costume. To go through without struggle, you will be required to have the Naut costume of the group. You will see a door with a labeled with “Storeroom” by the docks.

Use your map as your guideline to view it. Inside the Storeroom, you will see a book on the table, a single sailor, and a chest down the corner. Go to the chest and rob it. Get a Sailor’s Coat from the inside, and this will certify you as a Naut member. It will serve as your equipment to go to the Naut controlled areas without messing up with them. Your teammates do not need one.


What is Greedfall?

Greedfall is a Wester RPG game as the surroundings may look like a Western RPG, and the game has its unique visual style. This is the latest RPG game by The Spiders.

How long it is to beat Greedfall?

The playthrough of the main narrative and completion of side quests of Greedfall will take you 30-40 hours to finish this game. But the range of the result of your playthrough will depend on your skill in combat.

How do I get Naut uniform in Greedfall?

As you open your map, you will see a door labeled “Storeroom” down by the docks. Inside the storeroom, you need to go over the chest in the corner inside of it. Grab the chest and get the Sailor’s coat for you to be qualified as a Naut member. This Sailor’s Coat serves as their Naut uniform.


Play as a male or female, customize your appearance, and freely choose your abilities, spells and skills with complete freedom in character progression and engage in core roleplaying experience.

Focus Home Interactive’s trademark Greedfall is registered. Greedfall is a fun way to learn about history while also adding a dash of imagination. As a result, the game became a memorable experience for many RPG fans. It may appear tough on the surface, but when compared to other RPG games, the game is a Western-RPG pick that you won’t want to miss out on. You will most likely want to share the game with your pals as you progress through it. You can also share this game with Zapya! Want to download and install it now? Just follow the buttons and links in the article above and you can have it easily on your browser.

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