KissCartoon and 21 Sites Like It

KissCartoon is the website for all anime fans and cartoons as well. It offers free video content streaming anytime and anywhere. It has the latest and popular title releases so you will not miss out anything especially on your favorite shows.

Websites Like KissCartoon

If KissCartoon is having some issues on your internet connection or if you just want to find other alternatives similar to KissCartoon we have a list for you. Check out our 21 websites like KissCartoon now.

Keep visiting SoftAlien, we have posted 21 websites like  MangaFox, MangaPanda, , WatchCartoonOnline, GogoAnime, TodayPK Movies. Do check those sites also.

21 Websites like KissCartoon

Disclaimer: Watching Cartoon online for free may or may not be illegal. We are listing the following sites only for educational purpose, We do not recommend you illegally watch cartoon for free.


KissAnime (Kisscartoon alternative)

The KissAnime website is a popular anime series streaming platform where you can watch all the latest and the classic anime titles that you can find on the internet. They also have a great selection of cartoon series in English, so this site is for all age.

The site also accepts requests for anime and cartoon titles that are new or not yet included in their library. Feel free to check them out now.

Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: KissAnime

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CartoonsOn is a website that offers a handful of cartoon series. They have a slightly small collection, but they sure chose the popular ones. If your favorite cartoons are popular, there is a good chance that they have it on their list.

See for yourself if this is your cartoon site. Just click the link to visit them now. Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: CartoonsOn

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CartoonCrazy, KissCartoon alternative, is your hub for all thing anime and cartoons. If you prefer English dubbed anime, they have that on their collection. Surely, they have the latest episodes for all the titles listed here. That means you will not have to miss a show once they are available online.

If you want this kind of entertainment, choose CartoonCrazy now. Bookmark their page to get updated all the time. – Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: CartoonCrazy

Anime Rhino


Anime Rhino is great if you are looking for a website that offers a ton of anime and cartoons titles. They have an impressive list that goes way up to the classic ones. They even have the movie versions of all popular series for extra fun. – Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: Anime Rhino

Kim Cartoon

Kim Cartoon is the one-stop shop for all your anime cravings. They have the TV series version of your favorite anime plus the manga series if you can’t wait for the story to unfold.

Kim Cartoon also offers cartoon series from America and some popular titles from other parts of the world. See their website now for the full list of shows that you can enjoy.

Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: Kim Cartoon

KimCartoon (Kisscartoon alternative), KissCartoon alternative, is a website that only offers cartoon series. There is no anime here, but they have a great collection for all things, cartoons from different popular channels such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. So, there is more here than you can watch. Visit the site now.

Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative:

WatchCartoonsOnline is the website that offers both free anime and cartoons. They also stream anime titles dubbed on English for those who prefer the language.

Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative:

You might think that WatchCartoonOnline is the same as the one on top, but this site is entirely a different website. While they offer similar content, the WatchCartoonOnline has a bigger library and better user-interface.

If you want to see the difference, go and check them out now. You will see the difference.

Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative:

Watch Anime Dub

The Watch Anime Dub has hundreds of thousands of anime titles and videos that it would take you years to consume all of them. They also provide tons of cartoons for your kids and yours as well if you like it. – Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: Watch Anime Dub

Watch Online Cartoons

Watch Online Cartoons, a KissCartoon alternative, is a free website that offers free cartoon series. If you love cartoons, this is the best place to be. They have video content from Disney, Nick, and Cartoon Network. It’s like the Netflix of all things cartoons.

They also have a great list of anime series that you should check out. Visit their website now for more of your favorite content.

Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: Watch Online Cartoons

Watch Cartoons Online (EU)

Here’s another similar nomenclature but this version of Watch Cartoons Online is a giant library of cartoons from the classic to the present. They also have anime titles, but they are already English dubbed.

If this site sounds like your kind of website, you should click the link now. You will be delighted as soon as you get there.

Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: Watch Cartoons Online (EU)

Adventure Time


If you are a fan of the Adventure Time series, this is their home website. It’s free just like KissCartoon, and you watch all the episodes on a whim.

Official Site Link – KissCartoon alternative: Adventure Time



KuroAni website offers online streaming of all anime and cartoon movies for free. It is also showing episodes from Anime and cartoon series. 

Official Site Link –

Cartoon Network


Do you love Cartoon Network? Well, here’s more reason to love them. The Cartoon Network website offers all the Cartoon Network content plus some web-based games for your kids. This is probably the most fun website that you and your kids could share right now.

Official Site Link –

Anime Toon


Anime Toon is a great alternative for KissCartoon website as it offers cartoons and anime titles all at the same time. Get the latest episodes right on your device whether it’s mobile smartphone or laptop.

Anime Toon also offers movies of your favorite cartoons and anime as soon as they are available on the internet. Come and visit Anime Toon now.

Official Site Link –

Disney Now

Disney now

Disney Now is a free cartoon website that offers all your favorite cartoons series right on one platform. Search by popularity, date released, and genre.

You may also watch some movies and check out TV series schedules to keep you updated all the time and every single day. Feel free to click their link and visit them now.

Official Site Link –



Toonova is the place where all your favorite cartoons and popular TV series are available and ready in just a click or two. Enjoy available movies based on famous characters and see their schedules right on your mobile device.

Official Site Link –



WatchDub website is your all-in-one place for all your anime and cartoon fix. Get the latest episodes from their list and find more content that you could ever ask for.

The site has all the movie releases of all popular anime and cartoon titles so you will never have to go anywhere. Visit WatchDub now and enjoy all you want.

Official Site Link –

English Anime


The English Anime is exactly what it says. The site offers unlimited watching of all English dubbed anime titles and cartoons. Be overwhelmed by their huge library and feel free to watch as much as you want.

Yes, they also have your favorite anime movies I just a few clicks. So go ahead and visit the site now for more content.

Official Site Link –

Toon Get


Toon Get is the anime and cartoon site that fits all your needs. It has an impressive library of anime series and cartoon series. They also free stream free movies of all anime and cartoon releases.

The site is always updated with the latest episodes, and you will not have to miss anything ever again. Bookmark the site now for one-click access.

Official Site Link –

Dubbed Anime


Dubbed Anime is the free website that offers all your anime favorites and some cartoons on the side. All titles are in English or at least English dubbed. Get the latest releases every day and in just a few clicks.

It would be best to bookmark this site so you can have all the anime that you love on your fingertips. Visit Dubbed Anime now and be entertained.

Official Site Link – 

Check those KissCartoon alternative sites for watching your favorite Anime and Cartoon. If you want to give us any suggestions, please leave it in the comment section.

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