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Trying to get along with history but doesn’t want to get bored with its traditional way of knowing it? There’s something I know you can enjoy learning history. This game is adventurous yet will make people remember the Renaissance. Let me tell you about the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or also known as TABS. This game has been actively developed since 2016. Landfall Games developed TABS.

Totally Accurate BattleSimulator

TABS has various modes to offer that many players will indulge in the game in many ways. As many people enjoy simple simulation game like Hay Day, players who love simulation will be interested in this game too. One of the charms of the game is its red and blue wacky but cute armies an opposite charm that a hardcore FPS game has. Let’s dig more rooted in the information about TABS!

About TABS:

Ragdoll physics battle simulation video games innovated TABS. It seems that you are watching a video of cartoon fighting with each other. Where batches of different battles are determined by red and blue armies and often have entertaining outcomes. Several battle scenes throughout different ages were portrayed here in this game, and players have the authority to control the weaving soldiers and arm waving as they fight till death.

In this game, you will experience warfare with accuracy in various ages as you encounter a never-before-seen perception of the most substantial battles of the history. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator from the name itself is a simulation and strategy game like Fallout Shelter. To other people, they may think it’s simple, but upon learning how to play it, you will be more interested as you experience is like in warfare that happened overages. It so happened that TABS uses a state of arts of a physics-based replica. If you’re a fan of funny ragdolls, you’ll be going to enjoy this game! And the adventure leveled up because you are the one who will set your troops and who will make your own tactics with different types of units.


  Publisher Landfall Games
  PlatformsMacOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems


Currently, the game is in Alpha Phase. As of today, in the campaign, there are 32 levels in a single-player mode. The start of the game will be in the stone age. Slowly but surely, create your group of armies to battle out with the opponents. The game needs a player to be strategic and wise in choosing a mix and match of troops that will serve as defensive units with the firm hitting offense of the opponents.

The units are not for free. The money allotted to your game should be spent wisely in every battle plan. As you defeat your enemies by-and-by, you will unlock other units. Your decision-making on how you will design your armies on a position of reassuring the victory in the battleground will be tested. You can use range ranks to put the enemies from far. The sandbox mode allows the players to recreate ancient battles. You have unlimited choices! Users can pick a map to increase the numbers of fighters in blue and red armies.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (T.A.B.S.) Features:

This game feature unit of the physics-based combat system. The units are unique in their way.

  • Bundle of dimwit units
  • Campaign
  • Workshop with a campaign and battle creator
  • Sandbox mode

Together with Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’s new 32-level campaign, they have standard units for the Renaissance update:

  1. Halberd
  2. Fencer
  3. Painter
  4. Jouster
  5. Musketeer
  6. Balloon Archer
  7. Da Vinci Tank (Boss Unit)
  8. Lady Red Jade (Secret Unit)
  9. Ballooner (Secret Unit)

Though the Ballooner is a secret unit, it still appears in the campaign, while Lady Red Jade is tough to find and unlock. The boss unit- Da Vinci for the Renaissance faction is somehow wilder than other groups that drag foes in the sky with a hot air balloon backpack. 

How to get and download?

Every interested ask if the game is for free. To inform you better, There is a free to download, which is the open alpha version. But the features are not complete with what the retail version has. You need to pay to have the final version of TABS to download it. You can purchase TABS through different online retail channels.

 Note: The open Alpha of TABS is available to download for free, but it will be safe if you do this from a trusted site only. As the developer announced  Depending on the quality of what they add during the E.A. process, they are considering increasing the price to span between 14.99-19.99 USD.”

Will there be Updates?

Landfall clarifies that the updates do not set up on exact dates. This is because they want to make TABS as bug-free as possible. However, there will be updates that Landfall will be adding content.


How to get Totally Accurate Battle Simulator?

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’s open alpha version is free. But it does not contain complete feature. The final version won’t be free to download but is available on different retail online channels.

How to update Totally Accurate Battle Simulator?

Landfall clarifies that the updates are possible but not scheduled to keep TABS bug-free as much as possible.

How to download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator?

You can get Totally Accurate Battle Simulator either on a safe and trusted site which offers free download or on retail online channels that has complete features of TABS.

How to play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator?

Totally Accurate Battle simulator is a wacky style physics battle of red and blue warriors. You have allotted money to buy or set the troops you want based on your plan to defeat the enemies.


Up to this day, TABS has been the standout in setting fun-faced armies that fights against each other. This type of game has been focused on putting realistic mechanics in the fighting. TABS is the game you will adore to see and play on your PC just how you wish to play Clash of Clans on PC. It may not have an intensive graphic interface but it focused on the enjoyment it will serve to the player like the game Mini Militia.

Did you try playing TABS? If not, I hope your interest became more significant with the details we shared with you. You’ll surely enjoy playing the game and will have a hard time trying not to share with others the adventure you will have with TABS.

Do you have something to ask more about TABS? Don’t hesitate to comment on your questions, opinion, or suggestions in the comment box below. We will do our best to reach out as soon as possible.

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