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Are you familiar with Until Dawn? The award-winning game was innovated by Supermassive Games. If you enjoy the cinematic storytelling of the game, well Supermassive Games has more to bring with their newly developed game. This is the first game in “The Dark Pictures Anthology.” Man of Medan is the curtain opener of the compelling cinematic storytelling Supermassive Games has. It is simple to learn and also you can download the game directly from the links given below.  Does that sound interesting? Read more about it and learn how to download it.

Man of Medan

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

About the Game

Man of Medan is a synergistic horror survival video game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by Supermassive Games. It was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on August 30, 2019. This game will give you a different enthusiasm than the RPG games you had.

This game is broadly about the Man from the City of Medan. Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is a horror game that started with a group of people- Alex with his girlfriend Julie, Alex’s nerd brother Brad and Conrad, the brother of Julie, are out for a vacation. The group wants to dive to discover undersea wrecks. They will go to somewhere they should not go even if they flank the local laws. 

Begin to hook yourself with this fantastic multi-awarded game that you should try! Let us discover the story behind the creation and the game itself as we go deeper into the details we all must know.

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Download and Install

For you to have the game on your devices, press the button “download” so you could be redirected to our website. You can also look for download manager if you are using Windows. Or if you want to share Man of Medan to your friends, you can use Zapya. Anyway, follow the instructions there to download the game and then install it completely. Note: Make sure you run the game as administrator. Enjoy!

The capacity of the system of your device must be checked to successfully play the game. Here is the system required to have Man of Medan on your device. 

Memory8 GB RAM
OSWindows 7 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i5-3470 or AMD FX-8350
Storage80 GB available space

On PC, the file size of the game will be a sub-mount of 80GB. Usually, this file size is equal forcibly to the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But it does not have an official size of the file to those versions yet. It is to consider the capacity of the game. And if you worry about the internet, you can look and download a WiFi hacker to connect your device to another internet.

Ways to Play Man of Medan

  • Solo- You can experience the complete story as a sole player.
  • Movie night mode- You can play and control different characters with a maximum of four of your friends.
  • Shared Story- Play the whole terrifying game online with a friend with a 2-player cooperative mode.

The game truly supports a single player for those who want to experience the game alone though they warn the players ‘don’t play alone.’ in the various events of the game, the viewpoint of the characters may change. This will let you control each of them multiple times. Just make sure to clean your PC so it will not run slow.



During those times, you are thinking of what exciting activity you want to do with your friends and companions. Man of Medan is the game that will stick your bond full of memories. The main asset that this game has is the option if you want to play with your friends through the game’s option “Don’t Play Alone.”

This option will let you assign the characters of the game to your friends so that you can give the controller to turn around your companions. This is by informing the game of how many people will play and giving those participants nicknames. The game will notify when you will pass the controller to others as the notification will dash on the screen.


As I experience playing the game, I conclude that the development studio- Supermassive Games tried to enhance the procedure made to the first game before Man of Medan, which is “Until Dawn.” But this time, this is a game you will hardly resist recommending to others.

After I play Man of Medan for almost an hour, my cousin joins me to play the game, and believe me, he played it in just an hour, but he was hitched and continued playing the game. This made me realize; it is proven that the game is best to play with a companion. The music played is such an added thrill to the game.

The game is not scary. Yet the storyline is exceptional, especially the adventure that it has. It’s hard to deny that Man of Medan has similarities with the previous PS4 game of Supermassive, Until Dawn

How many acts are there?

This game needs to be played not just once but multiple times. You should choose the proper option at the right time to avoid missing what might happen. 

Game Length

The player’s journey as they experience the game has a length of four to six hours. However, this game length is presumed only with a single character. The game’s suggested playtime is longer than that when setting with multi-player and replay value. The short period turned on depending on each character’s fate in the title if they will survive or die.


The function of the game is impartially the same as how Until Dawn made. In this story, there are five characters to portray. They are Alex, Julia, Conrad, Fliss, and Brad. The strategy you will imply will dictate the survival of these characters in the events of the game. All of them can survive, or none of them will. 

You will see cut scenes of who perished at the end of the game. Still, there is an exception to this. This game can have an alternate ending where the group won’t be successful in getting away on the ship. Your group can be stranded on the ship forever if you fail to grasp the cap of the Distributor from Olson during the QTE and if the distributor cap destroyed.

It can get worse when their group gets a military frequency and ask for a rescue. You can choose to grant them your coordinates and the name of Medan ship. If you do this, you will fail to escape the ship because the army helicopter will arrive, the distributor cap will destroy, and the group will be arrested for getting in a military vessel.

Saving the Characters

The section below will give you some of the tips to keep each of the characters in the game. Together with the points where the figures can be killed for you to know how you will make the characters out and still alive!

Tips to Save Conrad

The first character in the game is Conrad. He will be placed in peril. It is in the course of the runoff excerpt on the boat after all the main characters were taken as hostage by co and Olson, you need to choose on how Conrad will survive. These are the options:

  • Grab the knife on the deck.
  • Try to grab the gun Olson present to you.
  • Don’t say anything to Olson.
  • Ask Olson what he wants as he beat Conrad.
  • When Conrad was asked by Alex and Julia what to do, opt to sneak around them. 
  • When Junior told Conrad to behave, choose not to say anything.
  • Break the window by pressing right trigger in time with the thunder. 
  • On the side of the boat, complete the sequence of the heartbeat.

It is hard to make a decision during the kidnapping scenario and to make Conrad alive. Remember that there are alternative ways to all of this. The plot where Conrad escapes with the use of speedboat instead of grabbing the knife. It is harder when Conrad and the controller choose to pull off to finish the two quick QTEs so Conrad could avoid being killed through shooting a gun by Olson. 

There will be another crucial moment aboard the ship. There is a series of three events in which each comprised of three button presses when the old woman is trying to chase Conrad when he is running. As you run, you will have a choice to continue running, or you will hide. As for advice, choose to run till the end of another QTE. you will opt when you are at the top of the ship to ‘jump’ or to ‘confront.’

Additional details

The one you are seeing is just an illusion that is, in reality, is Fliss, so you must choose the option to confront in the situation. There will be a showdown with Olson in the cargo hold for Conrad. Olson will still flood the area and break the cargo bulkhead even if Conrad attack or escape from Olson. When Conrad shouts to Julia to wait or close the door, it still does not make sense for you will end up in the same situation that Olson will press Conrad down with a hammer. 

You will need to accomplish two quick QTEs to get away from Olson, so better be ready. Square/X -hammer will chase Olson away. , press Circle/B-get away from his grip on the last time, the process to kill Olson before the door of the bulkhead slammed.

Tips to Save Alex

The center stage for the ending of Man of Medan took by Alex in the chapter of ‘Matters of the Heart.’ Keeping Alex alive is a tough task, but if you can follow, there’s an assurance of survival in the events of the game.

  • When three rats bound on you in a quarrel.
  • Do not strike the monster or the rat with a knife. 
  • From Olson’s cadaver, snatch the distributor cap.
  • In the walkway, press the three buttons to jump over the gap correctly.
  • In the conversation with the monster, ask it ‘Who are you?.’
  • Do not skew with a knife when you encounter the monster with two heads.

Tips to Save Julia

The maximum period of outliving with Julia and Alex is when they were chased by another ‘Alex’ on the ship. These are the right choices you should make for you to survive the character.

  • As you regroup all characters, finish the last QTE to sneak away with the other Alex. 
  • Choose ‘keep going’ than to ‘fight back’ when the option is given.
  • Whatever it may be, you need to complete another QTE. 
  • You have the freedom to choose either ‘run’ or ‘jump’ when the option is given.
  • To move up in the stairs, complete the QTE.

Tips to Save Brad

Now, in Brad’s situation in the game, it’s quite weird. He can either be safe in the majority of the events in the game or be in a following menacing situation. It depends on who will be the character you will send in the hole after they use the radio on the ship. If you choose Brad to go down the shaft, these are the steps to follow to save him from the menace!

  • Tell Junior that you both held your breath the entire time.
  • When Olson hunts Brad, complete the first QTE.
  • Be bold to choose to stand your ground. 
  • When Olson is still hunting you, proceed in completing the second sequence of QTE.
  • Admit that there is a strange thing in the last room.
  • Ask Junior first what the mist does when facing against him. 
  • Do not choose ‘grab the gun’ instead, select the ‘distract’ option.

Tips to Save Fliss

As you work on the survival of Alex, it involves saving Fliss too at the near end of the game. Do not opt to use the knife when fighting with the monster with two heads and the rat. With this choice you made, you will know further that the monster with two heads is Fliss. It’s a double survival moment for the characters when you choose not to stab the monster.

The Curator

I believe everyone is perplexed in the mystery behind the character of The Curator. This paradox character portrayed by Pip Torrens- a British Actor known in The Crown, Preacher, and Versailles.

Note: To play the campaign co-op, go to the main menu of Man of Medan and pick the “Don’t Play Alone” option. After that, choose “Shared Story” and invite a friend to join you in the game.


How long to beat Man of Medan?

It will take most of the players 4-6 hours of playing the game to beat Man of Medan in the first playthrough.

Who is the Man of Medan?

Man of Medan was adapted from the urban legend of the Ourang Medan, which story was about a ghost ship purported to become a shipwreck in Dutch East Indies waters in 1940’s.

What is Man of Medan about?

Man of Medan is a synergistic horror survival video game developed by Supermassive Games. This is about the group of people who went for a vacation but will, later on, discover undersea wrecks.

Man of Medan: What is the monster?

The monster is a two-headed creature that looks like a conjoined skeleton, which will be found in the Cargo Hold 3A in one of the caskets.


The Dark Pictures Anthology’s first game, Man of Medan, brings supernatural horror to a ghost-ship Man of Medan is a third-person horror video game in which a single or many players take control of five different characters who are stranded on board a ghost ship. The Dark Pictures Anthology’s first game, Man of Medan, brings supernatural horror to the South Pacific.

The player’s journey through the game lasts between four and six hours. However, with simply a single character, this game length is assumed. This game should not only be played once, but several times. To avoid missing out, you should select the appropriate option at the appropriate moment.

The first entry in Supermassive Games- The Dark Picture Anthology: Man of Medan isn’t that scary. Instead, this is a co-op, unique adventure game. This game is playing like Supermassive’s previous game exclusive for PS4, Until Dawn. The two-headed and four-armed monster stalks the SS Man of Medan, apparently the cause of death of soldiers on board.

This creature seemed to remain resembling the disunite skeleton discovered in one of the caskets in Cargo Hold 3A. Like in simulation games such as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Hay Day, you should make a great choice and the best decision you can, for this is where the main character’s lives depend. Make sure not to make mistakes. And focus on your goal, which is to keep everyone alive. 

Are you thrilled with the details given about this exquisite multi-player game that Supermassive has pampered us after ‘Until Dawn’? Man of Medan is surely a bonding that you and your companions playing Medan – Multiplayer will treasure with a terrifying story and a story mode.

If you have an idea or experience with the game, share your original story, and it might be a big help for others to discover the game. Leave a comment below, and we will interact with you in no time.

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