Download Keynote for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

Are you looking for Keynote for Windows? You are at the right place. Keynote is a software where you can make presentations using cool tools and make easy presentations. Share Google Docs or documents and files with friends. There is also an option to set passwords and make team collaborations as well. This article covers the step-by-step guide on how you can get Keynote for Windows devices. These are just simple instructions that everyone can follow as long as you have your Windows PC and a reliable internet downloader.

keynote for windows

Download Keynote for PC

NameKeynote v14.1
Size417.97 MB
RequirementWindows 7/8/10/XP
Author Karan Vishwakarma

How to Run Keynote for Windows

In this section, you will learn how to have the Keynote for your Windows device. This does not require you to download the Keynote but just needs to connect you to the internet to access the iCloud – server for Apple applications. Please read and follow the steps carefully.

  1. Go to

    The first thing you need to do is to go to, or you can just click this link here.

  2. Download iCloud

    Download iCloud, since this is the only way to access Apple applications. Just hit the download link and follow the on-screen instructions to install iCloud.

  3. Sign in

    Once you have downloaded the iCloud, sign in to your account. Use the Apple account you are using.

  4. Access applications

    After signing in, you can now access the Apple applications including Keynote on your Windows PC.

These are the steps on how you can run the Keynote for Windows OS. If you want more productivity apps, we have more. Please check out our websitepin main page for a good list of useful apps and software that you can use.

Key Features of Keynote for Windows

Let me tell you some great features on Keynote. And why this tool can be an alternative to your ever favorite MS PowerPoint.

#1. Team Collaboration

  • Your team can collaborate and work on a project in real-time
  • Collaboration can be done on any Apple device and on PC using Keynote for iCloud
  • Sharing document in public or with specific people is possible
  • You can follow the edits and view the presentation of the team
  • The presentation can be stored in iCloud or in Box

#2. Quick Start-up

  • Open the password- protected presentations using Touch ID
  • Add visual aspect to your project using text, charts, tables, images and choose from 700 editable shapes to enhance the presentation
  • Comes with live previews while animating your slides
  • Quick skimming through slides, add new slides or reorder slides with easy slide navigator
  • Keynote has 30 Apple-designed themes to make your presentation beautiful

#3. Graphics tools

  • Edit your presentation with rulers and alignments
  • Simple and accessible toolbar for shapes, tables, charts and other media tools
  • Can easily add images from a collection of photos
  • Free transformation of curves and shapes

#4. Cinematic animations

  • The slide transitions can create a beautiful presentation
  • Effortless animation with Magic Move effect
  • Slide transitions such as Clothesline, Object Cube, Flip and Pop
  • Text and object animations like Crumble, Fade, and Scale

#5. Audience Presentation

  • You can control your slideshow from your Apple devices
  • Keynote live allows the audience to follow the presentation using their Apple devices and from

#6. iCloud and Sharing

  • Turning on iCloud allows you to record and edit your presentation from your Mac, iOS, and
  • Easily export your presentation as PPTX (MS PowerPoint), PDF, QuickTime, and HTML
  • Export your presentation as image and movie files.

These are all the features of Keynote for Windows. Most of these features should be useful for you.

Did You Know?

Keynote is a powerful application designed for presentation purposes. It was originally built for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. However, due to the fact that not everyone has an iOS device, Apple found a way to bring this app to other operating systems like Windows. Before, you need to export the Keynote files to the PowerPoint format when sharing it to Windows PC. But this is no longer required today.

Since Apple made a specific iCloud app that runs on Apple’s servers, this app can be used as an Apple service emulator for Windows or another Mac device with just having a reliable internet download stream.

And of course, using your favorite web browser. What makes it good though is that it is accessible not only by Mac users but also Windows and Linux OS such as Ubuntu users with the right app.


Make sure to have a decent internet connection and a modern web browser and you are all set. And this web-based presentation software is highly dependent on a good internet connection and has a certain File Size limit of around 1 GB.

Keynote is an iPhone presentation-making app that may be used by students, professionals, and anybody else who wants to create a slideshow. With the latest of Keynote, it imports PowerPoint PPTX files and exports them to the same file format if needed.  It is one of the most popular presentation software. 

Download it today from our site. It is easy and simple to download. Just find the links from the article above and you are good to go. It’s even better now that you can utilise iCloud to view Keynote on other OS systems like Windows. Select Keynote from the start screen after logging in to iCloud and either create a new Keynote file or upload an existing Keynote file for editing. The current version of Keynote can import PPTX files from PowerPoint and output them to the same format if necessary. File sizes can be up to 1 GB, and images up to 10 MB in size can be put into a Keynote presentation, ensuring that almost any Keynote file will be accessible. A view-only mode is offered for sharing files with those who only want to look at them. Keynote Collaboration has really improved for those working with a global audience, as the application menus and commands are all available in seven languages when using the online version.

Make gorgeous presentations with it. This is the perfect tool for presentations! You can download the software application from this article. There is also a keynote presentation app for mobile devices.  If you have questions, please utilize the comment section and leave your queries and suggestions down below. We will try to answer all our questions as soon as possible. Save & Download Keynote Files!

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