What’s the Best Wyoming Registered Agent?

In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each service in the best wyoming registered agent category. We’ll also compare a number of popular registered agent services in Wyoming, including Harbor Compliance, LegalZoom, and Rocketlawyer. While we’ve already mentioned our favorites, we can’t help but add another to the list. For many business owners, privacy and customer service are top priorities. ZenBusiness, for example, excels in all of these areas, with customer service available on weekends.

Best Wyoming Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent

A good registered agent will not only be affordable, but also helpful. Northwest Registered Agent, for example, offers a $39 business start-up package that includes a corporate guide who is a lawyer, accountant, and entrepreneur. You can also use ZenBusiness, which offers registered agent services at a low cost and worry-free compliance. In fact, you can save 82% on the Formation Package when using them. Read on to learn how it works and which one you should use for your small business.

Another registered agent in Wyoming is Harbor Compliance, which offers the same basic services as Northwest Registered Agent. The company also offers free scanning and forwarding of mail, as well as alerts on upcoming deadlines and answers to questions about llc services. However, unlike Northwest Registered Agent, Harbor Compliance does not provide a dedicated account manager. It also costs $26 less per year than Northwest, but it doesn’t offer the full package. Those looking for a low-cost wyoming registered agent should choose this company.

The company offers a free formation package for your Wyoming llc and first-class customer support by a former lawyer, an accountant, and a small business owner. The $39 Formation package also comes with a draft operating agreement template and a free trial of VoIP. To save even more money, you can also choose to add a year of Wyoming registered agent service for free. There are no other companies in Wyoming that can provide this kind of service for free.

In addition to being the business’ point of contact, a registered agent in Wyoming is responsible for obtaining any notices pertaining to a legal case. A registered agent will receive notices and forward them to the business owner. A registered agent will prevent business owners from hiding from important notices and from being sued without their knowledge. A registered agent in Wyoming can help you protect your business from being sued unnecessarily.

Whether you’re starting a new business or need a registered agent in Wyoming, Northwest Registered Agent is a great choice for many small businesses. Their customer service is top notch and their prices are competitive. Plus, they automatically populate your information and scan all documents locally. If you’re looking for a registered agent in Wyoming, be sure to check out their website! You’ll be glad you did! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start growing your small business!

Harbor Compliance

There are many reasons to use Harbor Compliance as your registered agent in Wyoming. This full-service registered agent service provides access to all of your legal documents online, notifications for compliance deadlines, and a Wyoming street address. They also have a statutory agent available to speak with during normal business hours. It costs just $99 per year to use Harbor Compliance as your Wyoming registered agent. Here are the top reasons to choose this company.

The company provides registered agent services a la carte and as part of llc pricing packages. Upon registering with Harbor Compliance, you will receive a business formation package including an EIN form, articles of organization, and more. Registration with Harbor Compliance includes its top-rated registered agent services for free for the first year. After that, you can renew for $99 per year to enjoy the services. You can also request additional services.

Another great reason to use Harbor Compliance is the price. For only $99 per year, you can set up an LLC, incorporate a new business, and more. Unlike other registered agent companies, Harbor Compliance will not eat into your business’ budget. Plus, their Wyoming registered agent service will pay for the state’s fees when switching your company’s address. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, Harbor Compliance is the best choice for your Wyoming business. Its simple registration system, great customer support, and affordable pricing make them the best choice for small businesses.

As a small business, you may not be able to afford an attorney or a registered agent, but if you are serious about protecting your company from identity theft, you might consider using a Wyoming registered agent. In addition to offering the best registered agent services, LegalZoom is also a comprehensive service provider. In Wyoming, they charge $299 for basic registration services, and $1 million for identity theft protection. And as an added benefit, switching from another registered agent service is free.

Another reason to use Harbor Compliance is the AccessPlus program. This subscription offers a free version of the Entity Manager software. If you already subscribe to the service, you can create an LLC with Harbor Compliance’s software without paying the service fee. The subscription cost includes the state fee, but you won’t get access to the company’s proprietary Entity Manager software. It’s worth noting that you’ll still need to pay the state fee and the subscription cost.


When it comes to registered agents in Wyoming, LegalZoom stands out as one of the most popular options. They provide a full suite of business services, including document preparation, filing, and managing your registered agent obligations. In addition to being well-known, LegalZoom also offers strong registered agent support and protection from identity fraud. However, the company’s prices are a bit higher than its competitors. Regardless of its price, it offers many perks that make it worth the price.

Another advantage of using a registered agent in Wyoming is that it’s easy to use. It also allows you to manage multiple states at the same time. The registered agent system is easy to use and offers great customer support, which is an important feature since most registered agent companies farm out their customer support to foreign call centers. In addition, LegalZoom’s Wyoming registered agent system has the advantage of being user-friendly.

LegalZoom charges double the cost of their competitors in Wyoming, but they make up for it with a wealth of other services. You’ll have access to unlimited cloud storage, excellent security, and even identity theft protection, so you can keep your files secure. What’s more, they have a twenty-year track record and offer lifetime customer support. LegalZoom is also a big company and offers a great customer support service, and many of its competitors are only a fraction of the cost.

With these benefits, you can easily see why LegalZoom is the best wyoming registered agent. Not only will you get a physical address in the state, but you’ll also have access to a statutory agent who will respond to important correspondence. You’ll also get an email account, mail forwarding, and a business address that serves as your main point of contact. Even more, you’ll be able to create LLCs in as little as $150.

When it comes to Wyoming registered agent services, you’ll find that there are a number of great options. ZenBusiness is one such option. Their registration process is fast, convenient, and affordable, and they provide excellent customer service. The company also offers a free first year when you sign up, which is a good deal in Wyoming. You can sign up for their registered agent service in Wyoming to get started today!


If you’re looking for a registered agent in Wyoming, you’ve probably come across the offerings from Harbor Compliance, Incfile, and Northwest Registered Agent. They’ve been in business since 2004, and have served a number of organizations in Wyoming. If you’d like to read more about their experience, you can check out their reviews on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. Overall, they have positive customer reviews. Although they don’t have as much experience as other companies, they’ve managed to build up a strong reputation and can provide you with reliable business services.

Rocket Lawyer has a solid reputation, and their basic package is competitive. Although they were created after LegalZoom’s popularity soared, the company has invested in its success, making them a worthwhile alternative. While they aren’t as well-known as dedicated registered agents, they have a large customer base and plenty of experience. Despite the fact that they’re less expensive than dedicated options, they have a wide range of registered agent services available.

LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer both provide business-related legal services to Wyoming businesses. The former is the top option for those seeking registered agent services in Wyoming. LegalZoom offers a higher price tag and brand recognition, but both companies offer excellent registered agent services. They offer business-data protection, a compliance calendar, and unlimited cloud storage, among other benefits. However, legalZoom has the advantage of experience and is therefore more expensive, while Rocket Lawyer offers a money-back guarantee.

In addition to providing registered agents services in Wyoming, Harbor Compliance is a great choice if you’re looking for a full-service registered agent. This registered agent service provides a physical address in Wyoming, as well as a statutory agent during business hours. In addition, you can also choose to use their mail forwarding service and a free Wyoming physical address. Both of these services come with minimal set-up requirements.

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