– Supporting Japanese Manga and Anime is a website dedicated to finding the best hotels in the Toronto area. Among the most popular accommodations available in the area is the Parkside Student Residence Hotel. It is a favorite among students and young professionals.

What makes Parkside Student Residence different among the others? Simple. It features a large mural on the outside and themed rooms similar to Japanese Manga and Anime. Of course, not all of you know what Manga is, so let me give you a short introduction.

What is Japanese Manga?

Similar to your regular comics, Manga are graphic novels created in Japan that are using the Japanese language and conform to the Japanese style developed in the late 19th century. Original Manga stories are usually black and white. Nowadays, full-color manga exists, and they are serialized in large manga magazines, presented in a single episode to be continued in the next issues.

In today’s mobile world, manga comics are now available on websites like mangafox, which offers full-colored manga graphic novels that you can easily access from your computer or mobile device. Similar apps are also available, including mangapanda.

Manga versus Anime

Anime is an animation style that originated in Japan. It is characterized by high contrast, bright colors, and elements of science fiction and fantasy in the theme. Compared to the Japanese Manga comic books and graphic novels, Anime is associated with Japanese TV shows and movies.

When looking for anime shows, you can try Gogoanime – a famous apk that you can download. From here, you can watch the latest Anime movies and cartoons from your pc or mobile devices. Of course, when downloading for your pc, you need to install Bluestacks first before the apk works.

So if you want to get a taste of Manga and Anime, drop by Toronto Primrose, where you will see the Parkside Student Residence Hotel. Be amazed at the mural on the outside hotel, and be Sailor Moon or Naruto for a night.

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