– Learn their Effective Methods of Communication is the official website of the St. Catherine’s Cycling Club. It is a user-generated website for their members and a forum where they plan future activities. Like most groups, the club uses the power of modern technology to make communication easier for them and their members.

St. Catharines Cycling Club was started in 1971 by a group of local cyclists with broad racing experience. The club promotes bicycle racing, develops young riders, and serves as an avenue for cyclists interested in racing. It is one of the most successful clubs in Canada and has helped produce Provincial, National, and World Champion cyclists.

What Makes Different?

Aside from using their website as a focal point of communications, the club uses various communication apps like GBWhatsApp and shares useful software like ShareIt for PC among its members. Although Facebook is a widely used platform, club members prefer GBWhatsApp and use customization like the APK for WhatsApp Plus because of its versatility and ease of use.

Cycling is a major activity among the group, but they do share some downtime too. A favorite activity among the group members is bingeing on movies from downloaded apps like ShowBox APK and Hotstar for PC. These softwares, once downloaded features old and new movies that they can watch from their pc or mobile devices. Game downloads like League of Legends Mod Skins, TABS or Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and the Christian game Blasphemous are also club member favorite games.

Healthy Living and Power of the Internet

St. Catharines Cycling Club promotes healthy living through bicycle racing as well as camaraderie through mutual interests. They support both playing outside in the sun, while still keeping ahead in the modern world. That is the reason why members of the group are so versatile in their interests and activities. And most importantly, it allows them to attract new members, both young and old.

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