The Best Louisiana Registered Agent Service

What is the best louisiana registered agent service? If you want a premium service, you should choose LegalZoom. As a well-known brand in the business sector, LegalZoom has an excellent reputation and is used by many companies as their registered agent in Louisiana. Here are some of the benefits of LegalZoom. They are an experienced, high-quality service. The price is right, too. You can register your company with them for as little as $20/month!

Best Louisiana Registered Agent

CSC Global

CSC Global is the best louisiana registered agent service because it is made up of former entrepreneurs, lawyers, and accountants who are dedicated to ensuring your business is taken care of. Whether you have a simple business question or a more complex matter, CSC Global will have the answer for you. Its customer support team is very responsive and will help you with any problem you might encounter. Their registered agent team is comprised of people who have been in your shoes, so they are fully knowledgeable about the state’s business laws and regulations.

CSC Global offers a wide range of services, including legal advice and registered agent services, and their prices are slightly higher than most competitors. However, if you’re looking for a low-cost Louisiana registered agent, you might be better off looking elsewhere. In addition to offering great service, CSC also offers a comprehensive identity theft protection policy of up to $1 million. However, this insurance is more expensive than many other Louisiana registered agent services, so it’s best to compare the options before you make your decision.

As a registered agent in Louisiana, CSC is a trusted business partner that provides the legal services you need to start and run your business successfully. They have over 120 years of experience and have helped businesses of all sizes meet their legal requirements. Their service includes a good standing calendar of secretary of state deadlines, email reminders, eFiling links, and more. Additionally, CSC supports state transactions and formations, including incorporations and transfers.

Other registered agents are cheaper, but offer basic services. For example, SunDoc Filings can accept mail on your behalf during business hours and forward it to your chosen address. It costs $149 per state and provides the registered agent’s name and address. The disadvantages include lack of identity theft protection, lack of compliance filing alerts, and limited liability company formation. But compared to the costs, CSC Global is the best louisiana registered agent


If you’re looking for a registered agent in Louisiana, look no further than LegalZoom. You’ll get a physical address, receive mail during regular business hours, and file all your deadlines with the Louisiana Secretary of State. They even offer $1 million in identity theft protection. The customer service team consists of former entrepreneurs, accountants, and lawyers who can answer virtually any question you have. Whether you’re starting a new company or registering a business, LegalZoom’s registered agents can help.

A popular commercial for LegalZoom ™ features a woman forming a new business. The commercial suggests that the company must be easy to use and reputable, but in reality, this isn’t the case. The website contains a lot of fine print that may cause you to question whether or not the service is worth the cost. LegalZoom has earned a good reputation as a registered agent in Louisiana.

Another registered agent service in Louisiana that is inexpensive is Harbor Compliance. It charges only $99 per state and year for its Louisiana registered agent service. But while it offers all the services you need, its customer support is not as patient as Northwest Registered Agent. In the end, LegalZoom is the best Louisiana registered agent. It’s worth a look. Just don’t overpay for the service. It doesn’t provide exceptional service. But it’s still the best option if you’re looking for an inexpensive Louisiana registered agent.

Another advantage of LegalZoom is their advanced features. While some Louisiana registered agent services offer more advanced features, they’re not the best choice for your business. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use a licensed attorney. But if you don’t know how to file taxes, you should look for a reliable service that will provide you with this information. If you don’t want to waste money, choose another option.

There are several different registered agent services available with LegalZoom. Their Economy tier comes with the standard registered agent services, business name check, and banking resolution. It comes with 20 llc membership certificates, symbolic embossed organizer, and priority order processing. The Standard tier includes priority processing and express shipping of completed documents to you. The Standard tier costs $329 plus state fees. For those who want all the services, however, LegalZoom is the best option.

Northwest Registered Agent

You may be wondering what sets Northwest Registered Agent apart from other registered agents. This company’s customer support is outstanding and comprehensive. Representatives listen carefully to any concerns you have and provide solutions that work. The company also provides software for annual reports. The company charges $125 per state and year for registered agent services. For the price, you can’t ask for more. But if you’re in the market for a new registered agent, you might want to try this one out.

The customer support staff is staffed by former business owners, lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs. This team knows business, and is trained to provide you with accurate answers and efficient solutions. You’ll receive personalized attention from knowledgeable representatives who are ready to help you with your company needs. They’ll make the entire process easy and hassle-free. You can rest assured that your business’s legal documents are safe in the hands of a Northwest Registered Agent.

Besides providing a business address in Louisiana, this company also provides mail scanning and online access. Additionally, the company provides services like llc formation and compliance alerts. Its system is user-friendly, and its customer support is second to none in the industry. To learn more, visit their website. You can save up to $175 per year with this company. If you’re unsure of which registered agent to use, you can check out their customer reviews.

While hiring a commercial registered agent service can save you money, it’s not always ideal. Your time is valuable, so choosing a registered agent who offers the best customer service and prices is the best option. Unlike other registered agent services, Northwest Registered Agent offers low rates and excellent customer service. All you need to do is provide your information once, which will automatically populate on all your forms. They also scan all documents locally, which means you’ll save money. You can also save more money by using this company for your other state services.

Choosing a registered agent who is well-known in the industry is a smart decision. The company offers everything you need in a registered agent, including a company address in the state and accepts service of process on your behalf. Furthermore, this company offers the convenience of receiving mail and other important documents. In addition, you can enjoy free 1-year registered agent service from them. You’ll also have a professional and friendly contact person at your fingertips if you have any questions.


If you’re starting a business in Louisiana, you’ll need a registered agent. Choosing a Louisiana registered agent is a legal requirement, but you can outsource this task to an established company. While hiring a local registered agent is an option, it can be expensive and complicated. You can also hire a national registered agent, such as ZenBusiness. This option is best if you’re planning on filing in multiple states, or if you’d prefer to handle all of the details yourself.

You can get a Louisiana registered agent from a number of different companies. ZenBusiness is one such company, and their cheapest package includes everything you need to register your company in the state. You can even choose a package that includes a virtual mailbox, which scans your mail and forwards it electronically. This service is also able to receive service of process in Louisiana, which is important for small businesses. However, ZenBusiness has a reputation for being a good choice for many business owners.

Your registered agent is responsible for receiving state government documents and notifying you when they’ve arrived. The registered agent will then forward these documents to your company. This agent is essential to your business’s legal identity, because you will often have to receive important documents, such as tax returns, and may need to contact a representative on a regular basis. A registered agent also provides a place for your business to receive notices, such as the notice of incorporation, and other important information.

If you’d like to change the registered agent in Louisiana, you can file an annual report. This report must be filed in a particular time frame and will list your new agent. An annual report requires the email address of the new agent, and you can find this information online. If you’d like a printed copy, you’ll need to provide a physical address of the person who will receive the filing. If you need a registered agent for your business, ZenBusiness or Northwest can help you. You’ll save at least $100 over LegalZoom.

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