– Immortalizing Japanese Anime and Manga Through Photos

Anime Enthusiasts would love and its collection of photographs that depict the classic Anime and Manga characters. Their pictures range from simple lines reminiscent of the black and white Japan-style graphic novels developed in the late 19th century, to the more high contrast colorful anime characters found in gogoanime videos.

Pictures of Cosplayers in a brilliant display, depicting various characters they watched in cartoon sites like KissCartoon and watchcartoononline, are there for everyone to see. Sketches of Manga Comics found in mangafox and mangapanda apps are also on display.

What is a Japanese Manga?

Manga is a graphic novel, much like a comic book, that is popularized in Japan for many centuries. Previous manga novels are in black and white. They depict different graphical styles, brush strokes, and characters – depending on the author’s particular artistic style.

The word “manga” is derived from the two kanji, “meaning whimsical or impromptu,” and ga, which means “pictures.” It comes in different genres, including action, comedy, suspense, adventure, business, detective, drama, historical, romance, horror, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, erotica, sports, and many others. In Japan, stories are printed in large manga magazines. They come with many stories, each showing a single episode that is continued to the next issue.

What is an Anime?

Anime is a Japanese term used to describe all types of animation in Japan. The term began in the early 20th century when Japanese filmmakers started using animation techniques developed in France, Germany, the United States, and Russia. 

In the 60s, Japanese animators adapted a simplified version of Disney animation techniques to reduce costs and aired the first anime on television. By the 70s, the popularity of Manga comic books and graphic novels went up, spurring animators to create Anime versions of them. From simple black and white characters, the stories then became high contrast, colorful Animes.

How are Anime and Manga Different?

While both depict characters created by Japanese artists, Manga refers to the comic books, and Anime is the “animated version” of the Japanese characters shown in cartoons. Both are available online from download sites that offer Manga comics and Anime movies.

Also, browse through the website of, where you can see pictures of beautiful anime characters and the manga novel where they originated. It’s a blast from the past immortalized in large images.

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