Download iBooks for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

iBooks is a part of ios and a feature found only on iOs. It’s a place where you can read thousands of books. If you are trying to get it on your PC, this article covers the guide on how you can get and read iBooks on your Windows PC. iBooks (Apple book) is an ebook reader for Apple devices; iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac computer. Read this article below to learn more about it and how to get it.

ibooks for pc

Download iBooks for PC

Size25.6 MB
RequirementWindows 7/8/8.1/10
AuthorApple, Inc.

How to Get iBooks for PC – Windows

But what if I want to have iBooks on my Windows PC? If you have the same question as mine, we can go for iPhone emulators. But that will require a more advanced procedure. Here is a simpler way to get iBooks for PC. Keep on reading and learn more about iBooks.

Getting iBooks for PC requires you some technical knowledge since this is only available on Apple devices just like the Final Cut Pro. But you can still purchase books from the Apple iBookstore, but the application itself cannot be built on the Windows device.

So what you need to do is to use another application that can make iBooks possible on Windows PC. If you really want to know how then keep on reading. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Download iTunes

    Open a new tab and download iTunes. Once you found iTunes, you have to download and install it on your Windows PC.

  2. Launch iTunes

    After installing iTunes, launch it on your desktop.

  3. Find iBooks

    Find the iBooks you have saved on iTunes and right-click on it. Then click “Show in Windows Explorer.” Then the iBook you chose will be transferred to your PC.

  4. Choose where to view ebook

    After transferring, you need to right-cick again the document of the book you just get from iTunes. Choose where you want to view and read the book. It is better if you have an ebook reader installed like Adobe Reader.

  5. Repeat process for multiple files

    If you want to transfer multiple files, then you just need to repeat the process and choose the files all at once upon transferring. The Senuti for PC can also be used for this method,

That’s how you can get iBook for your PC. You can just add the books to your library and you can now enjoy reading.

Did You Know?

iBooks was released on January 27, 2010, by Apple Inc. Before, iBooks is not pre-loaded on the device and can only be downloaded and install through iTunes App Store. In 2013, the developers decided to integrate this application on iOS and Mac after iOS 8 was updated.

Today, Apple users can access iBooks once they have bought their iOS device. Or if you are on Windows, use the iOS emulator instead. It is a great tool for book lovers. From fiction to nonfiction, thrillers and mysteries, and even audiobooks can be accessed through this application.


iBooks is a great application for your Apple devices. However, you cannot get this directly for Windows PC and other platforms. Compared to the narrow screen IOS devices, many users prefer to read on bigger screen devices or resolution screen like Mac and Windows computers. Amazon Kindle has a huge library of books you can choose from.

You can download it from our website for free and install it to your computer, then drag an ePub file to its main screen to start open a file with ease.Take the ePub books for example, if you want to read ePub books on Windows, you can use ePub reader application or reader plugin. 

Thankfully, Apple made iTunes available for other operating systems to be able to transfer and view the files from iOS and Mac to Windows. You can just download and purchase all the books on your Apple device then read on your PC!

If you have a Mac, then you can simply download the e-book on it and transfer it to a PC through a USB drive For Apple-specific files with the iBook extension, there are a few third-party software that support it.  If you are an avid reader and need a user-friendly eBook reader for your Windows Computer, this article is perfect for you!

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