Download iPhoto for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

If you are looking for iPhoto for PC, then this is the article that will provide you with all the answers that you are looking for. iPhoto is an app native to Apple devices such as iOS and Mac OS. So it is such a hit because of the fact that it is from the best operating system in the world. But it was discontinued back in 2015, and Apple shifted to the new Photos app native to new iOS releases.

The iPhoto for PC has been a long time request for many iOS fans. Specifically, those that have experienced the usefulness of the app first hand. iPhoto can be integrated with social media apps like FaceTime app, And when rumors spread that there is now a way to install iPhoto for PC, we were one of those people who got really excited. So we got up on our feet and looked for it online. The thought was enticing. And if it is ever real, undoubtedly, a lot of people will install it right away.

Upon checking and researching about the authenticity of this rumor, we found out that it is not real. We looked at Apple’s website. We even searched online for any clue that this would be a thing a few weeks from now. Unfortunately, no development for Windows is currently going on. Well, unless you are using an iOS emulator or iPhone emulator for PC then that is possible. So if this is what you came here for, we are sorry to tell you that you will not download nor install an iPhoto for PC.

Download iPhoto for PC Alternatives

We do not want to keep you hanging for no reason anymore. And certainly, we do not want you leaving empty-handed. So we gathered a couple of apps that are pretty much close, and in a way, as good as the iPhoto from Apple.

You may have heard some of the apps on this list so you should have an idea of how good these apps are. If not, it would not hurt to try them out. Who knows, you might get the better alternative for the iPhoto along the way.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

  • The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the trimmed down version of the original Adobe Photoshop.
  • This app focuses on photo-related tasks such as enhancement, color correction, editing, and many more.
  • Supports most popular and less popular image format making this the all-around photo editing tool available anywhere.
  • It can be integrated for social media sites like Facebook and Flickr.
  • Features automatic image enhancement and auto correction if you are not very familiar with how to edit photos.
  • It has an intelligent algorithm based on professional inputs that are available over time.
  • It also supports plugin if you want to add more features that you might think you will need for your other tasks.
  • Widely used by all types of photographer especially for professional ones.
  • Impressively tunable to advanced mode if you are the perfectionist type of photography buff.
  • Supports cloud storage so you will be able to edit your images on the go.
  • The catch is that you will need powerful hardware to maximize all its features fully.
  • This is a paid app, so if you are serious with photography, this application is your tool.


  • If you are a casual photography fan and loves to edit now and then, PhotoScape could be the one that suits you.
  • It has all the necessary features that photo editor app should have.
  • The interface is pretty much straightforward and very easy to understand.
  • Good enough amounts of tools that you can add filters and other details that you think would enhance the overall look of the photo.
  • Supports RAW file and converts it to any other popular image format
  • Supports animated GIF
  • Features paper print so you can create cards and invitations for extra income. Or just want to personalize some of the family occasions, this app rocks.
  • The PhotoScape app is totally free.

Google Photos

  • If you are Android hardcore fan, then you must have heard or seen the Google Photos app on your phone.
  • The Google Photo for desktop has been discontinued, but you can still use it through your Google browser.
  • The Google Photo app is native to Google web browser. Therefore, if you have an active Google Photos app on your Android, you will surely be able to see those same photos on Google Chrome. Just open the app through Google Chrome extensions. You can check it now and you will see.
  • If you really want to use the Google Photos app on your desktop, you may do so by using an Android emulator that can run Android apps on Windows. We recommend the BlueStacks app emulator.
  • The best part about the Google Photos app is that it offers unlimited storage for your photos and videos.
  • If you want a local version of the app for your Windows PC, you will only need to install Google Backup and Sync app.
  • Like the iPhoto from Apple, the Google Photos can also act as a gallery. In which you can view all your media files.
  • The Google Photos also supports advanced editing when you need to do some enhancement on any images.
  • Adjust contrast, color, lighting, vignette and up to 14 filters available right inside the app.
  • Supports smart and automatic albums that sorts and arrange all your images depending on when and where you took the pictures.
  • If you want to share a photo or an entire album, you will only need to give the link or put your friends email to the sharing permission, and that’s it.
  • Can be connected to your TV through Chromecast.
  • Supports visual search. No need to tag people. The app automatically identifies who is in the picture with you as long as they are connected to your network of friends and family.
  • Use the Google Photos for free and go premium with added features for a price. But honestly, when the free version is already so much more, who needs a premium version?
  • The best iPhoto alternative and perhaps the better app overall.

In Conclusion

If you are disappointed that you cannot install iPhoto for PC, I apologize sincerely. But if you are really in need of a quality photo manager and editor, you can choose from any of the three alternatives above. Each of them is intentionally catered to a specific need and field.

Personally, I use PhotoScape since I am not a professional photo editor and I rarely use my Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app. Plus, the PhotoScape has already most of the tools that I need. Not to mention that this app can run even on low specification hardware build. So there is no need to worry about performance and other technical issues that you might encounter when you use the Photoshop app.

Now, if you are just looking for an extraordinary photo gallery and manager, I could only have the Google Photos in my mind. We here in SoftAlien team are all recommending the Google Photos as your default photo library.

So which app are you rooting for now? Tell us your opinion and let us see which app gets the more vote.

Also, if you want to ask anything about today’s topic, just leave your message in the comment section below. We will respond to all of them as soon as we can.

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