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Finding the right video editor for your videos is a hard task. Especially if you are looking for a software that will help you make and edit quality-professional videos, Final Cut Pro is the one for you.. Final Cut Pro for Windows can be a great tool for your device. Video editing became a popular job nowadays. From wedding’s same-day-edit (SDE) to a simple video for YouTube blog, editing a video has been a crucial part for those who do this.

final cut pro for windows

What Is Final Cut Pro?

It requires knowledge and expertise in editing and using a certain tool to produce a high-quality video. It consumes time and effort on cutting and merging clips, adding audio and subtitles, and many other things. Because of these things, having reliable video editing software is not just a need – it is a must. One of the most dependable video editing software you can find is the Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro was originally developed by Macromedia Inc. and later by Apple Inc., which released a newer version — Final Cut Pro X. The software designed for Intel-based Mac OS computers running High Sierra or later. This software provides a non-destructive video editor which allows the users to produce and create a high-quality video file.

Unfortunately, Final Cut Pro is not available in other operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Unless you find a third-party site that can provide a direct download link for this software, you will not be able to install this on your Linux and Windows device. However, there are other software that works like Final Cut Pro and can be the best alternatives to this program.

Here, I will tell you some of the alternatives to your ever favorite Final Cut Pro that will surely run on your Windows PC. But before that, let me show you the great features of Final Cut Pro and why this software is popular.

Features of Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro comes at a high price. This costs you a lot, but would surely offer you a great deal and experience. If you are a Mac user, this section is for you.

  1. Final Cut Pro is professional software that enables users to create a high-quality and awesome video. It has the basic and most powerful tools including filters, special effects and motion graphics.
  2. Final Cut Pro supports 360-degree video editing. This is for virtual reality as real-time VR to know how will this work for a particular environment.
  3. Users can edit videos in a smooth and speedy way since Final Cut Pro’s architecture allows itself to run on the latest CPUs and graphics processors.

Top Alternatives to Final Cut Pro for Windows PC

Having a Mac nowadays can be a burden to some of us. Because it comes at a very high price, we’ll just consider buying computers running other operating systems like Windows. But the downside is; we cannot install some of the applications like Final Cut Pro that runs only on Mac device. However, we found some alternatives for you that you can use as a video editing software.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro– Adobe is one of the famous names in the multimedia industry. It also brought video editing software for TV, film, and on the web. Adobe Premiere Pro comes with Adobe Sensei that allows the users to change craft footage to a polished finished video file. The newer version of this tool includes a subscription to capture and edit the videos on all devices. Adobe Premiere is cheaper than Final Cut Pro and comes at $18.54/month.
  2. Windows Movie Maker– Unlike the first alternative, this tool is already available on your Windows computer as free software. That means, when you bought a Windows PC, you already have Movie Maker installed on it. If in case you didn’t have one, you may also choose to download it for free. This program comes with very basic video editing tools perfect for simple editing. It supports almost any video format. You can trim, rotate and choose from the effects to apply to your video project.
  3. Cyberlink PowerDirector– PowerDirector is video editing software for home users. It comes with an Android application so you can have it on your mobile device. This software has many great features including the transition of effects of text effects and timeline. PowerDirector’s price varies from versions and purchase options. You can buy the software as new, or if you have one installed on your computer before, you can just upgrade it and pay less.


Importing videos to this Final Cut Pro for PC video editor software is simple no matter what type of film you wish to edit. Color Correction, Auto Enhance, 3D LUT, Lens Correction, Green Screen, Marker, Tone Adjustment, Compositing, Motion, and other tools can help you speed up the movie-making process. You may easily add audio from your computer or the built-in library, or you can record your own voice. Using Audio Tools, Audio Mixer, or Audio Meter, improve their communication.

We surely want to have a Final Cut Pro for Windows even if we are not professionals. And admittedly, we cannot afford this great tool and we have to find a substitute for it. Although some of them also cost money, they are much cheaper than Final Cut Pro.

Almost unlimited layers and tracks along with practical and advanced editing tools and advanced features with the ability to perform advanced video editing tasks for your editing solutions. 

If you are a Mac user then you should buy Final Cut Pro because it has a trademark of Apple. But if you can’t afford to have a Mac, or just shifted to Windows Operating Systems, then the alternatives above are your great choices. Try Professional video editing from this versatile software. You can download the current version from our site. We have also mentioned some worthy alternatives  of some industry-leading software and ideal alternative of this video editor software in the article.

Therefore, the decision is yours. If you tried these professional video editor alternatives and you don’t like them, there are still a bunch of software that works like Final Cut Pro. Just be resourceful enough on finding them!

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