Download FaceTime for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

Are you looking for a Video Calling App or apps for video calling that has an amazing feature and awesome video quality? Make endless video calls with Facetime Video and Audio and yes with HD video calls/ HD video calling feature. 

It’s 2021 and in the middle of a pandemic with virtual meetings happening. We are here for you. Make safe video calls and secure video calls with Facetime video call app. There are many video calling applications where you can make video chats. With FaceTime, you can avail of video calls as well as audio calls, Control Options, Decline option, sharing options and not it also supports chat options with features like stickers and audio message with a safer option and excellent user experience. Even though there are other apps like Google Duo,Google Meet, and other Zoom-like video calling service. But there is no other reason why you shouldn’t use Facetime. Read the step by step guide below on how to download Facetime for PC.

download facetime for pc

FaceTime for PC

Today, shifting from one platform to another using the same app is not such a stretch anymore. Many wiz developers, especially in the open-source community, are always on the run to help us muggles out.

And FaceTime for PC is one of those breakthroughs that they have made for people used to the Apple ecosystem. But if you are open to trying out other messaging and video calling apps such as WhatsApp Plus application or GBWhatsApp messenger, why not give them a click.

Since we already know that there is no official FaceTime app for Windows, there is actually an emulator to do such task. So not to get you hyped up with your expectations and eagerness, here is how to install FaceTime for PC the easiest way!

Download FaceTime for PC

Size21.1 MB
RequirementWindows 7/8/10
AuthorApple Inc.


How to Download and Install FaceTime for PC

Using an iOS emulator is easy and straightforward. It will be like installing a regular Windows application. Just do the required clicks and give permission when the installation process asks it. So here is the instruction on how to install FaceTime for PC.

  1. Download emulator

    The first is for you to download an iOS emulator called iPadian. You can get it from the official website for a fee or get it from our download button below for free.
    The file is just small, at around 40MB or so. So it should finish in a minute or two, or try using IDM v6 Build 10 for PC for boosted download speed.

  2. Run the installer

    Once the download finishes, run the installer and choose where you want it saved on your local Windows drive. Or you can just follow the default storage folder for all Windows apps using the Program Files.

  3. Launch the app

    When you are done with the installation, you can now click on the iPadian shortcut or icon on the desktop.

  4. Log in with Apple account

    Since this will be your first time to open the iPadian emulator, you must log in your Apple account. Just like you do with your other original Apple devices.

  5. Go to the App Store

    Now when you are finally in, you will find a familiar interface. Find the App Store and search for the FaceTime app like how you do on your iOS or Mac OS device.

  6. You’re all set.

    That’s it. You can now use FaceTime like you are still in an Apple ecosystem.

Reminder: Since this is just an emulator, expect the interface, performance, and the interface to be not exactly as you would experience back on the original Apple platform. There will be lag and bugs every now and then. But overall, it will be usable. Hopefully, the iPadian developers could fix it and improve the emulator in the near future. It is also best to use a VPN when you use your Apple account on foreign computers. Try Psiphon for Windows PC to hide your online presence.

Features of FaceTime

  • The app supports both audio call and video call.
  • With the Apple’s known stability when it comes to any of its products and software, the FaceTime delivers high-quality audio stream in HD level of clarity.
  • FaceTime also supports picture-in-picture feature so you would know how you look like in front of the camera while doing the video call.
  • You get to choose who can reach you or not. Block people that you do not want to get in touch with and put them on the blacklist folder of the app.

In Conclusion

FaceTime offers two features: video calling (FaceTime video) and audio calling (FaceTime audio), which functions like a regular phone call but without the video. FaceTime can be used in two ways. You can utilise FaceTime video, which is the normal way to use FaceTime with a two-way video connection (or more with Group FaceTime), or FaceTime Audio, which is an audio-only option, as the name suggests.

FaceTime for PC is merely a band-aid or temporary workaround for folks who require the app but do not have access to an Apple device. How to download? Just click on the download buttons from the article above. When you just have a Windows machine, this strategy will do the trick and complete the operation. Facetime isn’t limited to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Using an android emulator or third-party emulators, desktop users may now start using the great capabilities. Enjoy video quality, high-quality voice and video calls on your PC now. Millions of users are already using full-on video conference with Facetime on PC for convenient video calls and also being one of the most popular video calling platform.

If you have questions about privacy features, major update, software update versions, device requirements, just leave your queries in the comment section and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. And if you know any other ways to use FaceTime for PC, please do share the idea here as well. We should help out other people as well even if they do not have to do something for us in return.

And if you have friends that want to know this method as well, do share this article with them. Spread the love and enjoy life!

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